The game is revived

After the lack of players in the prior decade due to the war, the 1920s brought an expansion of players and teams in the South West region. In 1920, Toowoomba played several intercity and interstate games including matches against Brisbane and New South Wales. By 1921, a junior and senior competition was forming. The senior competition had 3 teams participating and the Toowoomba Chronicle indicated there would soon be an expansion of teams. By 1923, the senior competition consisted of 6 teams.

In the mid-twenties the game was also revived in Warwick, with Warwick playing against many neighbouring towns including Toowoomba. By 1928,  Warwick reportedly had four clubs and Toowoomba appeared to have 7 (Rangers, Blue Stars, Athletics, Harlaxton, Acland, Oakey and Waratahs). However, even as the game grew in the region, Soccer still struggled to find widespread support owing to the dominance of Rugby.