Men's football in Brisbane

The Brisbane zone is situated on the Country of the Turrbal, Yugara and Yugambeh peoples. The zone includes Meanjin (Brisbane), Tulmur (Ipswich) and Logan.

Queensland's firsts may just be Australian firsts...

Brisbane and Queensland’s earliest known game of men’s Association Football took place at Woogaroo Asylum in 1875. Established multi-code club Brisbane FC elected to play London Association Rules in a match against inmates and staff.

In 1883 a men’s soccer football club, the Rangers FC, would form out of the recently established Scottish Football Association, and initiate our state’s first formal competition

Queensland men’s football emerged in the state’s South, with Brisbane at its centre for much of its development. In the decades before and after the First World War, the city would play host to visiting international tours, state governing bodies, and see the game’s popularity ebb and flow. Today, from the young to those play the walking version, football is our most popular sport in terms of participation and is established in every corner of the state.

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Ipswich men's football has a distinct history to that of Brisbane, culminating with a fierce rivalry between the two cities which played out over decades

Ipswich clubs won 30 of the 50 Brisbane league seasons they competed in between 1896 and 1958. Ipswich, though, had an uneasy relationship to Brisbane, which saw several periods in which local clubs refused to play in the Brisbane leagues, and instead run their own senior competition. Even when competing in the Brisbane league, Ipswich and West Moreton often ran its own parallel junior (lower league) competitions.

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