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The First Women's Match, 1921
The first public game of football played by women in Australia took place at the Brisbane Cricket Ground in 1921. Ten thousand people attended the match.
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First Men's Match, 1875
The earliest known men's match in Queensland occurred on the 7 August 1875. Brisbane FC played against the inmates and warders of the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum (now The Park Centre for Mental Health Treatment at Wolston Park, Goodna).
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Leonie Young- the First Indigenous Woman To Play For Queensland
Leonie Young (nee Yow Yeh) started playing in 1977. Alongside her Mum, Iris, Leonie was instrumental in bringing Tiwiwarrin, Brisbane’s first Indigenous football team, into being.
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100 years of Men's Football in QLD
In 1983 players celebrated 100 years of football in Queensland.
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The Undefeated Rockhampton Ladies Win Nylon Stockings, 1951
In 1951 the Central Queensland British Football Association awarded shields and cups to the local men’s teams. The ladies team received pairs of nylon stockings for their victories over Mt Morgan.
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